September 15, 2015


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Product Description: StopLik is a lick deterrent aid that covers bandages on animal’s extremities and replaces the need for Elizabethan collars and bitter sprays. It delivers a mild tingle to the tongue, providing an effective treatment to prevent licking and promote the healing of wounds, post-surgical sites and lick granulomas. The non-invasive, battery powered design also allows the animal to behave normally while the bandage remains in place, maximizing successful recovery.

Effective treatment for:

  • Behavioral modification tool for lick granulomas and/or self-mutilation
  • Licking, tearing at surgical stitches
  • Pulling out IVs, Seton drains, urinary catheters
  • Dogs, cats or other small animals
  • Deterring other pets from tampering with bandages


“Traditional e-collars can cause depression and frustration through lack of movement. StopLik™ allows a dog to behave normally, therefore maximizing the chance of recovery. Paired with proper medication, exercise, and mental stimulation, I feel that it is a dog’s best chance of rehabilitation from a lick granuloma and/or other surgical procedures. I have since found other surprising uses for the bandages, including: furniture chewing, counter surfing, inappropriate biting/nipping, overly aggressive play behavior (neck biting), and more. This simple yet innovative product truly is revolutionary.” – Erin K.

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