Dr. Larson’s™ Dehorning Paste

August 30, 2013

Dr. Larsons Dehorning Paste

Catalog Page: Pg. 26
Product Description: Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste is an accurate, easy-to-use product that is less invasive than hot-iron dehorning and other methods. Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste is delivered through a unique syringe with a special tip enabling precise application to the horn bud and inhibits horn growth before it starts. This application method allows the user to dispense the correct amount of paste every time.

  • Less stress to the animal
  • No expensive equipment
  • No bad smell
  • Easy application

Choose Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste, the safer alternative to dehorn animals.


To find your local Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste distributor, call 800.447.0687 or email sales@maianimalhealth.com.

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