Featured Products

Vetcorder™ Portable Patient Monitor

Catalog Page: Pg. 182 Product Description: The Vetcorder™ offers an alternative to outdated, high cost and bulky monitors. As a portable smart monitor, it stays with your patient from admission through discharge. • Over 12 hours of continuous monitoring • 3 months standby • USB...

HS4 Counter Top Dental Work Station

Catalog Page: Pg. 57 Product Description: Provides all the essential handpieces for small animal dentistry in a compact, portable and sturdy design. The unit operates using different configurations of a remote compressor or nitrogen tank and may be mounted to a swing arm,...

One Puff™ Puppy & Kitten Aspirator / Resuscitator Kit

Catalog Page: Pg. 97 Product Description: The One Puff Kit clears breathing pathways and stimulates the first breaths of distressed newborn puppies, kittens and other small animals struggling to breathe. Its all inclusive and durable design has saved hundreds of lives, making it...

Dr. Larson’s™ Dehorning Paste

Catalog Page: Pg. 26 Product Description: Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste is an accurate, easy-to-use product that is less invasive than hot-iron dehorning and other methods. Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste is delivered through a unique syringe with a special tip enabling precise...

MAI Fecal Flotation Kit

Catalog Page: Pg. 119 Product Description: The MAI Fecal Flotation Kit is an easy and accurate spill-free flotation system for identifying internal parasites. Flotation media will not spill if unit is overfilled, due to unique reservoir system Attached spatula is broken off the...

Wild Child™ Chamber

Wild Child™ Chamber | Informational Video | MAI Animal Health from MAI Animal Health on Vimeo. Catalog Page: Pg. 95 Product Description: The essential management tool used to assist veterinarians and staff in handling fractious animals safely and humanely. Easy, no-touch...