August 30, 2013

Dr. Larson’s™ Dehorning Paste

Catalog Page: Pg. 26 Product Description: Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste is an accurate, easy-to-use product that is less invasive than hot-iron dehorning and other methods. Dr. Larson’s Dehorning Paste is delivered through a unique syringe with a special tip enabling precise...

MAI Fecal Flotation Kit

Catalog Page: Pg. 119 Product Description: The MAI Fecal Flotation Kit is an easy and accurate spill-free flotation system for identifying internal parasites. Flotation media will not spill if unit is overfilled, due to unique reservoir system Attached spatula is broken off the...

Wild Child™ Chamber

Wild Child™ Chamber | Informational Video | MAI Animal Health from MAI Animal Health on Vimeo. Catalog Page: Pg. 95 Product Description: The essential management tool used to assist veterinarians and staff in handling fractious animals safely and humanely. Easy, no-touch...